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Cervical spine & whiplash

Pilates for whiplash

The head, neck and shoulder girdle muscle system is a complex system to fulfill its functions of generating appropriate head movements, maintaining stability of the head-neck system in any orientation for work, vision and hearing as well as distributing the forces inherent in upper limb function.

The neck muscles are rich in proprioceptors and make important contributions to balance and general postural control. It’s known that with cervical joint injury and pain, there will be reactions in the neuromuscular system as occur with injury to any other joint in the body.

With Pilates we can identify, detect and correct the relevant dysfunctions in the neuromuscular system. Most commonly known injuries currently treated are acceleration/deceleration injury “whiplash”; “cervical postural syndrome” and patients who present with insidious onset of symptoms associated with nerve root compression often as a result of local or general degenerative processes.
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